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Our Mission

From the founder and CEO of LoveDoveFX

When the global pandemic started and we were all in lockdown, I had a vision to create something that would give back to those that were greatly affected by it. That is when I decided to begin LoveDoveFX to create locally made and designed products that not only helped slow the spread of the virus, but also benefited the community around me.

With your help, I would also like to affect positive change, inspiring what my good friend, Brian, had challenged me to do -- Kinetic Kindness. This is an action to encourage people to serve and help those in need, promoting bonds of trust through engaging in personal service that will develop friendships, encourage kindness, soften hearts, and open the minds of society. It is going to take these attributes for our society to heal, tackle difficult problems, and make real progress. Each of us will be "the motion" to help create change.

My ultimate vision is global kindness. We can achieve great things as a collective whole, moving together to affect this change. As I walked with 500,000 people for the climate march in September 2019, it was all inspiring. I knew then that I wanted to dedicate my energy to give back to causes that affect and matter to us locally. I want to inspire critical thinking for people to engage each other in personal service helping those in need and addressing environmental causes that will help create a better future for us, our children, and the future of the planet.

I would like to challenge each of you to Kinetic Kindness. Who can you help today outside of your normal circle and place in society? Let us together create a local movement, #KineticKindness, that will inspire a national movement, that will inspire a continental movement, that will inspire a global movement. We are living in unprecedented times, and we need to come together to heal society one person at a time.