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“At first, I was a bit reluctant with the idea of wearing a mask. But after some research about the pros & cons, what’s the best fit, and other important things to consider when making the choice for a mask, I was really happy to stumble upon these masks. Unique style, fully adjustable, safe breathable quality fabric, and with the must-have nose clip. They are made locally, give back to the community, and have the comfort of the wearer in mind.”

-Vincent L.

“The mask felt light to wear, but fit securely, and it wasn’t too hot even on a 30° day. I don’t love wearing a mask, but this is definitely the most comfortable one I’ve tried. I also love the funky design and would definitely recommend it!”

-Robyn T.

“After having tried many masks, different models, and materials, I finally found the LoveDove mask. Finally, a mask that follows the curves of your face instead of squashing it. It is less warm than the other materials, and I can breathe a lot better. It’s so comfortable I forget I have it on. Plus they look cool. I recommend this to everyone. The company also gives back to the community by donating a percentage of the proceeds to local organizations that I want to help support, a must have.”

-Stephane D.

“Ready to take on this new way of life with my LoveDove mask! Comfortable fit with adjustable straps & super cute print help me feel safe and at ease.”

-Kirsten M.