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Color Diamonds


Diamonds represent life, light, the sun and are an emblem of purity and perfection. It also represents commitment and faithfulness. The color diamonds is a beautiful spin on the classic diamond pattern. 


This washable and reusable face mask is made with two layers of 100% cotton and features a hidden, integrated nose piece to ensure a snug fit. These masks are designed with an inner pocket for you to insert a disposable filter (not included) between the fabric for an added layer of protection. Elastic bands fit snugly behind the ears and can be adjusted by changing the hidden knot placement. This product is non-medical and intended as a face covering in public settings when social distancing is difficult to maintain.

Proudly handmade in Montreal by the people for the people

* Due to the shortage of certain materials, you will be notified in advance if you will receive anything different than what is shown on the product page


One size, 6.5” x 8.5” with an adjustable knotted elastic earpiece


100% Cotton- 2 layers


Machine wash warm with mild detergent (Purex Free & Clear). Hang to dry or tumble dry low setting for a few minutes. (They dry quick!) You can briefly press with an iron on cotton setting. (Do not iron the elastic straps, they can melt under the heat) DO NOT IRON DIRECTLY ON SILKSCREEN WING MASKS. Use one layer of fabric on top of silkscreen before ironing to protect the silkscreen image. Slight shrinkage may occur after washing and drying.


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